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How to clean your dog's ears

How to clean your dog’s ears

By Brenda McCullers / February 11, 2020

How to clean your dog’s ears is something every dog owner should know. Why? Because ear problems are a common reason for dog owners to visit the veterinarian. Ear infections in dogs can be caused by a number of things.  Causes While any dog can get an ear infection, some dogs are prone to them.…

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Curicyn Hot Spot Solution

How to take care of Hot Spots on Dogs

By Brenda McCullers / January 24, 2020

Hot spots on dogs are a common skin condition usually occurring during the warm, summer months. They are also referred to as summer sores and moist dermatitis. These painful, oozing sores are difficult to deal with because they can appear seemingly overnight and spread rapidly. Causes While any dog can get hot spots, some dogs…

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Ringworm in animals

How to take care of Ringworm on animals

By Brenda McCullers / January 15, 2020

Ringworm on animals is not a life-threatening disease. But, it is highly contagious. Many animals get ringworm, including dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, rodents, rabbits and birds. While ringworm sounds like it should be grouped with hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, and tapeworms, it is not a worm. It is actually a fungus. The disease gets its name from…

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12 Reasons to adopt a shelter dog

12 Reasons to adopt a shelter dog

By Brenda McCullers / October 14, 2019

We wanted the best 12 reasons to adopt a dog during October, Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. So, we reached out to our friends and asked them to share pictures of their rescues.  Here are some of their pictures and a few reasons we think you should visit your local shelter and consider bringing home…

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The Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials.

The Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials

By Brenda McCullers / August 27, 2019

The Meeker Classic is considered one of the toughest sheepdog competitions in the world. It takes place during the month of September in the small mountain town of Meeker, Colorado. This year 170 Border Collies and their handlers will participate in the 6-day competition. It begins September 3rd and last through September 8th. Without a doubt,…

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Pink Eye problems...Curicyn can help

Livestock Pink Eye problems…Curicyn can help

By Brenda McCullers / July 29, 2019

Livestock Pink Eye problems can wreak havoc for ranchers. Mark Tolley is a rancher/backgrounder in the Darden, Tennessee area. He and his father, Marty, operate Tolley Farms. The heifer in this picture came in a large group of cattle the Tolleys purchased. When she arrived, she had pink eye in both eyes. The left eye…

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Beginner horse riding tips from Champions…

Beginner horse riding tips from Champions…

By Brenda McCullers / July 18, 2019

Are you thinking about riding a horse for the first time? If you’re feeling nervous or frightened don’t feel bad. It’s only natural. After all, you are about to get on a large animal that is much bigger than you are. To help make your first experience a good one, we’ve talked to the experts…

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Curicyn joins NLBRA

Curicyn joins NLBRA

By Brenda McCullers / July 3, 2019

Curicyn joins NLBRA. We are excited to join the sponsorship ranks of the National Little Britches Rodeo Association “NLBRA”! At Curicyn, we believe in giving back, and NLBRA is the perfect organization for us to work with. They are a youth rodeo organization for kids’ ages 5 to18. NLBRA has two main goals. First, they work to develop…

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International Finals Youth Rodeo

International Finals Youth Rodeo – the starting point for rodeo legends

By Brenda McCullers / June 25, 2019

International Finals Youth Rodeo If you happen to live in or around Shawnee, Oklahoma, you don’t want to miss the International Finals Youth Rodeo (IFYR). Over 1,000 young athletes from around the world participate in the IFYR every July. They compete for more than $250,000 in prize money. The rodeo is not only a great…

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Arizona's Cowpuncher's Rodeo

Arizona’s Cowpuncher’s Rodeo will not disappoint…

By Brenda McCullers / June 14, 2019

Arizona’s Cowpuncher’s Annual Reunion Rodeo Whether you are a native to Arizona or a first-time visitor, Arizona’s Cowpuncher’s Annual Reunion Rodeo is an event you don’t want to miss. Started in the 1970s, the rodeo replicates the working cowboy’s rodeos from the past. It is held during the month of June in the town of…

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