New Year’s Resolution with Your Dog (or Horse!)

The New Year is upon us, and many people make resolutions for positive changes in the year ahead. Among those include getting out more and adventuring, and if you’re a dog or horse owner, this can be a great way to spend time together in the great outdoors! Whether you’re looking to plan camping adventures when the warm weather comes, hiking in the spring flowers, trail riding on your horse, or even snowshoeing with your dog this winter, a New Year’s resolution to get outside more is one that we can get behind!

Preparing for the great outdoors is more than finding good hiking shoes or riding apparel and hitting the trails. If you’re going with your dog, you must also plan for their needs. And if you’re adventuring on your horse – with or without your canine companion – you need to be prepared for any minor issues or emergencies that may arise when you’re out on the trail or mid-adventure. Curicyn is here to help! Read on for some great tips on keeping that New Year’s resolution to get out more with your dog or horse and keeping them and you safe and happy all year long!

curicyn pet triage kit on dog hiking adventures

It’s important to be prepared for whatever your adventures throw your way with the Curicyn Pet first-aid Kit

Getting Out With Your Dog

A New Year’s resolution to get out more is a great way to improve your fitness for you and your dog. Walking around parks, hiking, and trail adventures are great forms of exercise and provide positive stimulation for you and your dog. Depending on the season and the terrain, you may need different supplies, and even your dog’s breed, coat length, and type will determine if they need protection from the elements.

Thinner-coated and single-coated dogs may need outerwear to keep them warm if you’re hiking in cooler weather or higher elevations. Tractor Supply carries a great selection of dog coats and jackets ranging from adorable to extra-durable, depending on your dog’s breed, size, and needs. They have a huge selection online, and when you order, you can always add the Curicyn Pet Care Kit to your order to have everything you need delivered in one box. The entire kit weighs only 2 pounds, making it easy to keep in your car and carry in a backpack on your adventures. It contains everything you need for any minor wounds or injuries your dog may experience on the trail.

Consider paw protection for your pup in cold weather or on rough, jagged ground. If this is the case, we recommend selecting products geared for the outdoors with some traction, as the dog’s natural paw pads are always best when possible. If you need boots or foot protection for your dog’s paw pads, ensure you’re not selecting a fashion boot. While adorable, puppy Converse and other cute trendy items won’t provide the protection your dog needs from the terrain. Make sure that the boot you choose fits properly – snug and secure but not too tight – and offers traction on the terrain and protection from the elements without limiting your dog’s range of movement.

Pack a water bottle and bowl for your dog regardless of where you are adventuring, the terrain, and the temperatures, as water on the trail isn’t always drinkable. Water is the most essential thing to have with you at all times – for you and your pup! In addition, healthy treats for both of you are good to have on hand if you take a wrong turn or wind up longer than expected and need a little boost to keep your energy up.

Be prepared for the trail ahead in any conditions with the Curicyn Pet Care Kit.

Trail Adventures on Horseback

Getting out more as a part of your New Year’s resolution can mean trail adventures if you’re an equestrian. Maybe that means getting off the property for day trips, taking your horse out on new trails in your area, or even hauling out a few hours to explore somewhere different entirely. If you and your horse are used to colder temperatures, you can bundle up and head out even when there’s snow on the ground – make sure you and your horse both have the proper footwear for the weather! When it comes to warmer weather riding, mud can be a challenge, as can rocks and gravel, and you never know what you may come across out on the trail. A sharp rock or a twisted shoe could result in a cut or hoof issue you weren’t expecting.

Most seasoned trail riders will tell you to pack the basics wherever you go. Usually, that includes a hoof pick, pocket knife, vet wrap, gauze, and wound care spray or ointment. Gathering items in a packable size or transferring them from your normal stock into travel-size bottles can be a real pain and put a damper on your enthusiasm to hit the trail. But don’t skip out on carrying these essentials with you. The Curicyn Equine Triage Kit has all these items and more, including surgical scissors, gloves, emergency hoof care pads, and even an emergency ice pack in case you need it for you or your horse! While carrying a pack on your saddle may feel daunting, especially if you prefer to ride English style, the entire Equine Triage Kit weighs under 3 pounds and has straps to connect to your saddle regardless of your riding style. It’s available on our website and online at Chewy, Amazon, Tractor Supply, Jeffers, and Valley Vet, where you can also grab any other horse or dog items you may need for your adventures

The Equine Triage Kit is under 3 pounds and designed to fit on any style of saddle.

Whether your New Year’s resolution to get out more includes your dog or horse, Curicyn has you covered. Plan ahead and travel smart, even when the plan is to head out on a short trail or hike near home. You never know what nature has in store, and keeping your animals safe and healthy is always a top priority.

We look forward to seeing your photos out and about in 2024, so please tag us on social media at @Curicyn so we can see and share in your adventures, too!