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Curicyn products represent the pinnacle of over-the-counter wound and skincare solutions for virtually all species of animals including companion pet, equine, farm, livestock, birds, and exotics. We offer you safe, fast-acting, and affordable treatments for a variety of everyday ailments. Products will not stain, burn, itch, or create any sensitivity for the animal. For external use only. For best results, follow specific application directions provided for each product. Contact your veterinarian and discontinue if adverse conditions develop.

Skin Issues

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Curicyn's Hot Spot

Curicyn Hot Spot Formula

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Curicyn Original Wound & Skin Care Formula

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Curicyn Wound Care Clay

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Curicyn Pet Care Kit

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Curicyn Equine Triage Kit

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“Jade was rescued from the streets in very poor condition. Her skin had deteriorated from long-term allergies and living in a filthy environment. I started Jade on Curicyn and within three days the inflammation had subsided significantly. I'm excited about this product and will be a faithful user.”