Patient Warming System

A safe, temperature-controlled warming system designed to help prevent hypothermia during and after surgical care, reducing the chance of infection and assisting in recovery.

The ChillBusterVET™ brand offers two options: a flexible blanket warming system and a flat sturdy mat warming system both with available disposable covers to keep your unit protected and clean!

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ChillBusterVET Advanced Features Include:

  • Unique enamel coated heating element ensures even heat distribution.
  • Custom-engineered heating pad electrical cable strain relief for longer life and durability.
  • Automatic safety shut-off for worry-free use.
  • Protective, waterproof disposable covers help reduce cross-contamination risk and hot spots.
  • Controller hook designed to hang from IV holder or other surgical stand near an operating table.
  • Featured in Veterinary Practice News

ChillBusterVET Patient Warming Blanket System

  • A flexible veterinary blanket designed to conform to the patient for the most effective warming during or after a surgical procedure.
  • Always use the blanket with the disposable covers to protect the warming system and extend unit life.
  • Product Size (20” X 29”)
  • Part No. 150-8201-02

ChillBusterVET Patient Warming Mat System

  • A flat, sturdy veterinary mat designed for use on the surgical table or in a crate.
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with the ChillBusterVET blanket system for additional warming.
  • Always use the mat with the disposable covers to protect the warming system and extend unit life.
  • Product Size (20” X 29”)
  • Part No. 150-8201-52

ChillBusterVET Patient Warming System Disposable Covers

  • Waterproof, disposable easy-to-use covers are designed to reduce contamination, hot spots, and extend unit life.
  • Covers are specifically designed to fit both the veterinary blanket and mat warming systems - no separate sizing needed!
  • Always use a fresh disposable cover with each new patient to protect both the patient and the warming unit.
  • Part No. 150-0015-02

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