Our Story


We’re committed to helping animals heal and thrive.

Don’t let our global reputation fool you – Curicyn came from humble beginnings. Curicyn is a story that began as a homemade remedy in the back of a pickup truck.  Once we saw how well it worked, we sprang into action to bring this product line to the world.  We hired well-respected scientists, veterinarians, trainers, and horsemen around the USA to conduct in-depth field trials for our products and the results were clear: the Curicyn product line provides effective, safe, and fast-acting solutions that help heal a variety of wound and skin ailments and can bring animals back to optimal health. Our product line has now grown into a dependable line of solutions for the animal care market.

Our team has blossomed into a dynamic animal-loving family of equine experts, farmers, pet professionals, researchers, and business people from all walks of life.  Our passion for our products stems from our love of animals and the results we’ve witnessed from thousands of customers around the world.  We are committed to ensuring that the animals in every barn, stable, kennel, and household have access to our product line whenever they need it.

Our Mission

To help as many animals as we can heal from their ailments and get back to doing what they do best – safely, conveniently, and cost effectively.

Our Vision

To be one of the world’s most respected and reliable providers of animal wound and skincare products for farm, equine, and companion animals.

Product Overview: Dog In Bathtub Next To Curicyn

Helping Animals is Our #1 Priority

Our over-the-counter products represent the pinnacle of many wound and skincare solutions for equine, farm, and companion animals. We develop first-class solutions for a variety of common ailments including open wounds, burns, pink eye, rain rot, fungus, saddles sores, scratches, lacerations, rashes, and many more. Take comfort in knowing that all Curicyn products were created to help your animal comfortably return to optimal health and get back to enjoying their lives


USDA Natural Beef Approved

CuricynTM Products were reviewed by FEI Veterinary Officials and determined to contain no ingredient that is prohibited per their Equine Anti-Doping Regulations.

Founded in 2000, Global Resources International, Inc. (GRI) is a privately-held US corporation and a leading provider of comprehensive contract manufacturing services, medical devices, industrial products, and protective solutions. In 2014, GRI merged with Eastern Technologies Inc. (ETI) following a successful manufacturing partnership that lasted more than a decade. From our headquarters in Flowery Branch, GA to our global network of offices operating in five countries, we are committed to excellence in our products and our relationships with all who we encounter as a brand. This is made possible through our collective passion and values that we share as a team.

Curicyn is one of the ETI business units and is among the most exciting product lines we manufacture under GRI’s host of manufacturing facilities worldwide. Once we saw the results for ourselves, we knew we had to share the outstanding benefits of these products with animals everywhere. All Curicyn products are manufactured in the USA and we take great pride in their quality, effectiveness, and safety.


We are committed to the continued development and expansion of the Curicyn product line for animals and their caretakers around the world.