Holiday Gifts for Pet Lovers

As much as we may feel the summer just ended, there is no denying that the holidays are fast approaching! In addition to more time with family and friends and all sorts of beautiful celebrations, it’s also time to think about gifts for those extra special – animal-loving people on your list.

For many of us, our holiday gift list is filled with pet lovers. And, with over 84 million pet-owning households in the US, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, that special teacher, neighbor, or delivery driver is sure to enjoy a very practical and thoughtful gift for their furry, feathered, or scaly family member!

Your team here at Curicyn has you covered when it comes to giving important gifts to every pet lover you know. Here are our top picks that any pet parent would love to receive.

Curicyn’s New Trial Kit

Our brand-new Curicyn Trial Kit checks all the boxes for things pet lovers will appreciate, and all products are safe to use on any animal. It contains small sizes of four of our most popular and effective non-toxic wound and skin care products. Our kit includes:

  • Original Formula, Spray Bottle, 3 oz. – Provides soothing relief and promotes rapid healing. Great for open wounds, hot spots, scrapes, burns, fungus, and more. It will not stain, burn, itch or sting.
  • Blood Stop Powder, Twist-Top Bottle, 3 oz. – Our Blood Stop Powder works quickly and efficiently to do precisely what it says: stop bleeding on contact. So, whether your dog’s toenail trim went too far, or your horse sustained a more severe wound, applying our non-toxic powder will help dry the area and clot blood quickly.
  • Wound Care Clay, 3.2 oz. – A thick formula that you can easily apply to your animal’s difficult-to-bandage wounds, injuries, and infections, helping them heal quickly and without needing an added dressing. Perfect for packing into hooves and spreading onto wounds and infections around the body. When applied to paws, it acts as a protective balm.
  • Eye Care Solution, Twist-Top Bottle, 2 oz. – An all-purpose, pain-free eyewash and healing aid that helps address bacteria at its source and reduces swelling, redness, and irritation caused by a wide range of animal eye problems.

The perfect gift, take the Trial Kit along wherever you and your animals go – and enjoy our TSA-approved sizes that are ready when you need them!

Equine Triage Kit

Horse lovers know that you can never have enough of the products that make horse owning easier and less stressful. Unfortunately, horses can get into trouble in the barn, on the trail, or anywhere in between. So, the perfect gift for any horse lover on your list must be the Curicyn Equine Triage Kit.

This kit contains all the essentials you need to help your horse in any unexpected medical situation. In addition, the kit contains over 36 animal wound care products and supplies, including:

  • Curicyn “Original Formula” Spray Bottle, 3 oz. –The Curicyn Original Formula is a skin cleaner, wound cleaner, and wash. The gentle formula works for abrasions, cuts, scrapes, skin rashes, hot spots, and burns.
  • Curicyn “Original Formula” Yorker Bottle, 3 oz. – The Yorker (like the Spritzer) is a skin and wound cleaner in a handy yorker bottle that makes application easy.
  • Hoof Care Single Application Kit – The Curicyn Hoof Care Kit addresses hoof ailments that horses often face. It has shown remarkable effectiveness in addressing hoof abscesses, white lines disease, thrush, and other hoof-specific injuries or wounds.
  • Curicyn Wound Care Clay, 1 oz. (2) – Contains refined clay, Original Formula, and other essential ingredients. It addresses open wounds and skin disorders in areas challenging to bandage or cover. Therefore, it works in places where a liquid product does not work.
  • Curicyn Blood Stop Powder Twist-Top Bottle, 3 oz. – Blood Stop Powder aids in controlling minor bleeding from superficial cuts and wounds.

Packed in a convenient, portable, easy-to-use carrying case, The Equine Triage Kit is perfect for taking in the trailer, barn, or on your horse’s saddle.

Pet Care Kit

Another gift any pet lover would be grateful to receive this holiday is the Curicyn Pet Care Kit. More than just a fully stocked first aid kit, it’s an essential tool for any pet parent, animal welfare worker, or animal owner. By keeping this kit on hand, you can manage any pet injury on the spot, buying valuable time until you can seek veterinary care if needed*. Stocked with over 35 supplies and items, you can be sure that anything you need to manage first-aid situations with your pets is included.

In addition to over 35 animal care supplies and first aid products, the kit includes:

  • Curicyn “Original Formula,” Spray Bottle, 2 oz. – Our tried and true formula is essential for any first aid need for any animal.
  • Curicyn Eye Care Solution, Twist-Top, 2 oz. – The Curicyn Eye Care Solution cleans and aids in preventing various eye-related issues. In addition, it does not burn or sting when applied.
  • BodyGuard Fly, Flea, Tick & Insect Repellent, Spray Bottle, 2 oz. – BodyGuard will provide 3X the protection of leading brands against flies, fleas, ticks, and insects.
  • Curicyn Wound Care Clay, 1 oz. Curicyn Wound Care Clay can be applied to open wounds and skin disorders in areas that are difficult to bandage or cover. It’s an essential tool when a liquid product does not work well.

Count on Curicyn to help make this holiday merry and bright for all the pet lovers on your list. Happy shopping!

*Seek veterinary care for significant injuries.