Curicyn Hoof Care

Hoof Care for Horses

Curicyn’s hoof care for horses is a single-application kit that contains the products needed to address common hoof problems animals face and can soak a hoof for up to 36 hours. This kit is great for caring for the hooves of horses, livestock and more.


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Curicyn Hoof Care 

The Curicyn Hoof Care Kit addresses complicated hoof issues that affect equine and livestock species. With this single application, the hoof can virtually soak for 24-48 hours in the Curicyn solution. It is safe, effective, and economical.

Contents Include:

  • Specially molded rubber hoof boot
  • An absorbent, adhesive hoof pad containing a formula delivery tube
  • 3 oz. bottle of Curicyn Original Formula in a special applicator tip bottle
  • Application instructions

Recommended Use:

  • Thrush
  • Abscesses
  • Bruised sole or Injury
  • White Line Disease
  • Hot Nails
  • Puncture Wounds

For more information:  What to do when your horse has a hoof abscess

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Single Application, 4 Pack

Suitable For

Cows/Cattle, Horses/Equine