New Pet Care Tips from Curicyn – Furry Friends

Bringing a new pet home can be exciting, but comes with its fair share of challenges. Whether you’re bringing home a puppy or a kitty, an adult or older animal, or even small animals such as guinea pigs or hamsters, all of our furry friends can experience issues and injuries from time to time. When bringing a new pet into your home, the best way to keep them healthy and happy is to be prepared with some basic essentials in the event of the unexpected.

New Cat and Dog Pet Care Tips

Kittens and puppies can be active and rambunctious. In addition to house training and litter box or outdoor potty training, cats and dogs can get into a variety of things around the house, even when you have puppy-proofed or kitty-proofed your home. Here are some common challenges to look out for and tips to integrate your new pet into your household.

  1. Have wee wee pads and disinfecting wipes on hand. This is a great way to be prepared in case of an accident in the house or with cats outside the litter box. Some dogs don’t like to go outside in the rain or snow and will try to hold it as long as possible. Unfortunately for younger dogs, they can’t always hold it throughout the storm and have accidents inside. Having pet pads on hand makes it easier to clean up on those bad weather days. They also come in handy for around and under the litter box and for older pets who may struggle to get outside, especially in inclement weather. And disinfecting wipes ensure all the germs are cleaned up and there’s no lingering smell.
  2. Runny, irritated eyes can be an issue for cats and dogs just as much as for their human companions. Dry heat in winter can cause eye irritation, and warmer spring weather can bring a slew of allergens and irritants. When it comes to puppies and kittens, they’re also really good at getting into small spaces and places they shouldn’t, which can lead to all kinds of eye irritation. The simple solution? Curicyn’s Eye Care Solution! Easy to use and mild on the eyes with a soothing effect, it will help flush out any irritants and help your pet see more clearly in no time! It also works great with older animals that tend to get the “eye gunk” and will help keep their eyes clean and clear. 
  3. Broken nail? Ouch! Both cats and dogs can break their nails, and at times, this may cause bleeding. It also can happen when trimming your dog’s or cat’s nails, and when that happens, while it stings and isn’t usually anything that requires veterinary help, getting your pet to sit still while you apply pressure to stop the bleeding can be a challenge! We recommend Curicyn’s Blood Stop Powder as a fast, easy solution that never stings or burns and has your pet back on their paws quickly!
  4. Ear issues are no fun. Whether it’s from fleas or mites – common in rescued animals and can occur in even the cleanest of pet households, or from excessive ear wax, sensitive ears, or any other causes, Curicyn’s Ear Cleansing Solution is safe and gentle for all animals. By addressing bacteria and irritation at its source, it also helps with inflammation and itching and helps prevent your pet from scratching and digging in their ears which can cause even more damage and issues.
  5. A comfy bed for a good night’s sleep helps everyone sleep through the night! While a great pet bed may not prevent late-night puppy pee breaks or crazy kitten zoomies, it certainly helps your pet have a place and location to sleep where they feel comfortable and secure. Our hypoallergenic, machine-washable, skid-resistant, zipper-free bed is great for pets of all ages and comes in a variety of sizes to fit your home, crate, or anywhere else you need. Check out the DuraCloud Pet Beds today, and here’s to hoping for a great night’s sleep for the entire household!

Smaller Furry Friends Pet Care Tips

Bringing a new pet home doesn’t always mean a puppy or kitty. Guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, and hamsters are just some of the smaller furry friends that make great household pets, and like their dog or cat counterparts, they can also encounter injuries and issues at home. The good news is that Curicyn products are also safe for these smaller furry friends, and we’ve got some tips to help you!

  1. Make sure to get species-specific bedding. Some animals do better on pine wood shavings, while others love the smell of cedar (which can irritate some species). Pelleted bedding is good for animals that like to make messes, but it’s also important that if you’re litter box training your pet, you use different material in the box than around it so your new pet can clearly understand the difference. Straw can be better for animals that like to burrow or nest, but don’t confuse that with hay forage types that they’ll want to eat instead of nest in – and of course, make sure whatever you use is non-toxic and not irritating to your pet’s specific needs. When looking for a solution, and Tractor Supply carry a large variety of options and offer subscription-based ordering, making it easy to have what you need on hand when you need it.
  2. Have the right food and water bowls on hand. Different animals like to eat and drink differently, so ensuring you have the right containers to offer food and water is important. Rabbits and some rodents like the upside-down drip waterers, while other animals prefer water in a bowl. Some pets will play with their food (ahem…ferrets, we see you!), so getting a feeder that securely clips to the side of their habitat can reduce mess and waste. Not sure what you need? Jeffers Pet has a huge variety of options, and their customer service is always willing to help answer any questions you may have.
  3. Small animals get injured, too! Whether those two bunnies had a disagreement, the ferrets went on an escape exploration around the house, or someone just got dust in their eye, accidents happen with all animals. Smaller animals often need smaller amounts of product to be treated, so we offer our Curicyn Trial Kit, complete with our top-selling first-aid essentials (and TSA travel safe) sizes, to have a little of everything you need. Safe for all animals, you can easily add a Curicyn Trial  Kit to your Jeffers Pet order. Looking to upgrade? Our Pet Care Kit has even more than the trial kit; both kits are safe for all animals. If you have horses, Jeffers carries the Equine Triage Kit, too! One-stop shopping for the win!
Curicyn Trial Kit for ferrets and small animals

Ferrets can be really cute, and also get into lots of trouble. Curicyn’s Trial Kit is here to help!

Any new furry friend is a great addition to the household, and we hope our pet care tips help you and your new pet. We look forward to seeing your photos with your new family member, so please tag us on social at @Curicyn so we can see and share in your adventures, too!