The Ultimate Gift Guide for Horse Lovers

Whether the horse lover in your life has their first pony or a full stable of steeds, a creative equine-themed gift can light up their holiday. We have a few ideas that range from pretty to practical, along with one suggestion that we think every horse owner would be thankful to find in their stocking.

  • Custom portrait or photography: Horse (and pet!) owners can never get enough of their beautiful animals, so a custom portrait or professional photography session can ensure their images are captured forever. Portrait artists and photographers can be found easily on Etsy or local Facebook groups, or ask your barn or feed store to recommend someone.
  • Cover their entry fee: If they show or rodeo, a little financial assistance can go a long way toward being able to attend one more show during the season, or even attend one a little further afield than they might normally go.
  • Gift card: Every horse owner needs tack, brushes, blankets, treats – well, you get the idea. A gift card lets them pick out what they need.

The Gift of First Aid

We saved the best idea of all for last – give a well-stocked equine-specific first aid kit. It’s one thing that every horse owner will eventually need, and between the barn, home, car, and trailer, they can never have too many.

Curicyn’s Equine Triage Kit is packed with 36 essential items to help your horse lover quickly respond to an injury or wound, from gauze, bandages, and a cold pack to an emergency lead rope and glow sticks. It’s lightweight, convenient, and comes stocked with wound care products to help clean and protect equine injury – in travel-friendly sizes – whether it’s a hoof abscess or a laceration, including:

  • Curicyn Original Wound & Skin Care Formula: A soothing, nontoxic formula to clean wounds, rashes, or burns and jump-start the healing process.
  • Hoof Care Kit: A single-use application molded rubber hoof boot that allows the hoof to be protected and soak in Original Formula for up to 48 hours.
  • Wound Care Clay: A combination of Original Formula and refined clay, Wound Care Clay is perfect on those places where a bandage just won’t stick.
  • Blood Stop Powder: Perfect to stop minor bleeding to allow for wound assessment and cleaning.

As an add-on, we also recommend gifting our Curicyn BodyGuard Fly, Flea, Tick, and Insect Repellant, which has been found in studies to be three times more effective than other leading insect sprays. Protecting wounds from insects is critically important to contain the spread of bacteria and stop irritation.

Curicyn Equine Triage Kit and BodyGuard are not just great gifts – they can help save time and save a horse’s health. Plus, the horse lover in your life will love them! (And their horse will undoubtedly thank you, too!)

Happy Holidays!