Hiking With Your Dog: What to Pack in Case of Emergency

Fresh air, exercise, beautiful views – what’s better than a day spent hiking with your canine companion? Romping through field and forest with your dog is not just fun, it’s good for both of you, improving your physical and mental health, and providing a valuable bonding experience.

But even the best-planned hiking trip can quickly turn terrifying. Hazards can be abundant and range from sharp stones or sticks dogs can step on to unfriendly, wildlife they may encounter – porcupines and snakes among them! No matter where you live or plan to hike, it’s a good idea to pack first aid supplies so that if an injury occurs on the trail, you can begin managing it immediately.

Here at Curicyn, we decided the best way to help our fellow pet parents be prepared for trailside turmoil is to give you everything you need in an easy-to-carry, lightweight Pet Care Kit. Our 35-piece kit is paw-fect for stowing in your backpack, and it contains essentials that can help if needed. A range of bandages, gauze wrap, light sticks, an emergency blanket, tweezers, blunt scissors, and an adjustable leash are just some of the must-have items you’ll be glad to have! Most pet first aid kits on the market contain more human-related products. The Curicyn Pet Care Kit is designed specifically for our four-legged companions.

We’ve also packed our Pet Care Kit with convenient, travel-sized containers of some of our top products. Here’s why you’ll be happy to have them on hand:

  • Curicyn’s Original Formula Wound & Skin Care (2 oz.): This is often the first thing our fans reach for with any pet wound, as well as sunburn, stings, or irritation from thorns, burrs, or brambles. It’s soothing to your dog’s skin, won’t burn or sting, and kick-starts the healing process. It can be used on any external area of your pet – including eyes, nose, and ears – so it’s versatile and extremely useful to have on hikes.
  • Eye Care Solution (2 oz.): You may not think of eye problems as something your dog may encounter outdoors, but it’s as simple as a breeze kicking up dust or a wrong turn into a shrub. Our Eye Care Solution irrigates and moistens the eye, washing away debris and providing relief to red, dry, or irritated eyes.
  • Wound Care Clay (1 oz.): One of our top sellers, our Wound Care Clay carries the healing power of Original Formula and several other active ingredients in a base of bentonite clay that packs into a wound, protecting it without causing burning, stinging, or discomfort. It can safely be used anywhere externally, but we recommend applying it to areas that are not easy to bandage, especially when you’re on the move, such as paw pads, bellies, and inner hind legs.
  • BodyGuard Fly, Flea, Tick and Insect Repellent (2 oz.): Whether your hike is happening in a humid or arid climate, forest or beach, you want to avoid bringing home any pests or critters. And you definitely want to avoid bites and stings! Spraying your pet with our nontoxic BodyGuard at the start of your walk will repel bugs three times better than other bug repellants, and it’ll safely keep your furry friend free of harmful hitchhikers.

One additional product we recommend tossing in your pack is Curicyn Blood Stop Powder (3 oz.) Some of the most common canine hiking injuries include lacerations, punctures, or other types of wounds. To assess the severity of any wound, the first thing you’ll need to do is stop the bleeding. Applying Blood Stop Powder directly into the wound quickly constricts the local blood vessels and capillaries. Once applied, you can clean up around the wound and plan your next steps.

So, when nature beckons you and your dog to explore, pack our Pet Care Kit, Blood Stop Powder, fresh water, and some other essentials in your backpack, and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for any emergency your dog may encounter. Your hiking buddy will thank you for it!