Curicyn Pet Care Kit

Curicyn Pet Care Kit (35 Pieces)

Recommended to keep on hand for emergency first aid uses.

Includes a $25 Manufacturer’s Coupon

Keep this portable, easy to use pet first aid kit handy whenever you travel with your pet.





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Curicyn’s Pet Care Kit (35 Pieces)

Includes a $25 Manufacturer’s Coupon

Recommended to have on hand for emergency first aid uses.

Curicyn's Pet Care Kit is great for all activities that include your pet.

Curicyn’s Pet Care Kit is a portable, easy to use, pet first aid kit. Keep it handy whenever you travel with your pet.

Kit Contents

  • (1) 2oz Curicyn “Original Formula” The Curicyn Original Formula is a skin cleaner, wound cleaner and wash. It is great for abrasions, cuts, scrapes, skin rashes, hot spots, and burns.
  • (1) 2oz Curicyn Eye Care Solution The Curicyn Eye Care Solution cleans and aids in the prevention of a variety of eye related issues. It does not burn or sting when applied.
  • (1) 2oz BodyGuard Fly, Flea, Tick & Insect RepellentBodyGuard will provide 3X the protection of leading brands against flies, fleas, ticks, and insects.
  • (1) 1oz Curicyn Wound Care ClayCuricyn Wound Care Clay is prepared using a combination of refined clay, Curicyn Original Formula, and several other important ingredients. It addresses open wounds and skin disorders in areas that are difficult to bandage or cover. Hence, it works in areas where a liquid product just does not work well.
  • (1) Case with Organized Dividers
  • (1) Pet Care Kit Manual
  • (1) 72″ Double Looped Adjustable Leash
  • (1) Emergency Blanket
  • (1) Instant Ice Pack
  • (1) Light Stick
  • (2 Pair) Vinyl Gloves
  • (1) Triangular Bandage
  • (1) Flexible Cohesive Bandage
  • (4) 6 x 2″ Adhesive Bandages
  • (4) 2 x 2″ Wound Pads (Non-woven Gauze)
  • (4) 3 x 3″ Gauze Pads
  • (2) Gauze Rolls (PBT Bandage)
  • (4) Cotton Swabs
  • (1) Blunt Tip Scissors
  • (1) Tweezers
  • (1) Roll Medical Tape

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