Cut to the Quick: How to Handle Your Dog’s Bleeding Toenail

It’s a familiar tale for pet owners. You’re trying to trim your dog’s nails and you clip a bit too much off. Suddenly, there’s blood on the floor. Then your dog jumps away, then runs away, and before you know it, your room looks like a crime scene.

Dogs’ toenails are composed of two parts – the “quick,” which includes nerves and blood vessels that keep the nail alive, and the nail itself. Just like human nails, dogs do not have any feeling in the nail, but trimming the quick accidentally can cause your pet pain and draw blood.

It’s a simple mistake, and one that’s easy to make, especially if your dog is squirmy, dislikes having their nails trimmed, or the nails are too dark to see the quick. Thankfully, the solution is easy too. Applying Curicyn’s Blood Stop Powder on the nail helps stop the bleeding in seconds, enabling you – and your dog! – to calm down and clean up.

Our Blood Stop Powder can be used on any bleeding wound, from minor wounds such as a toenail injury or surface wounds to more severe injuries like large cuts, lacerations or puncture wounds. It slows the flow of blood by constricting local blood vessels and capillaries. And it’s easy to use: just twist off the cap and you can apply the powder right to the wound.

Once you’ve stopped the bleeding, call your veterinarian. As with any wound, there is some risk of infection, especially if your dog licks the toenail or it gets dirty outside. This is by no means an emergency – rest assured, your pet will not bleed out through his toenail – but to be on the safe side, your veterinarian may wish to examine your pet, prescribe antibiotics, or bandage the foot with the affected toe to prevent future infection.

To avoid this problem in the future:
– Use a trimmer with a guard, so you can only trim a short amount at a time. Sometimes a tiny bit is all that is needed.
– Offer treats to distract your dog from what you’re doing.
– Ask your veterinarian if their staff can finish trimming the rest of your dog’s nails while you’re there. It’s much easier for trained professionals, especially if your dog is reluctant to stay still.

Curicyn Blood Stop Powder is safe to use on a wide range of animals, including dogs, cats, horses, cattle, and even pigs. Once bleeding has stopped, Curicyn Original Formula or Curicyn Wound Care Clay can be applied to reduce inflammation and promote healing of wounds. And all of our products are non-toxic, so if your pup does lick his wound, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that there is nothing else to worry about.