What to do when another dog bites your dog

What to do when another dog bites your dog is something no pup owner wants to think about. Unfortunately, even the most experienced dog owners can find themselves dealing with this. And sadly, it is one of the most common reasons for emergency veterinarian visits. Whether your pup is the instigator or the innocent victim, there are things you can do.


Stay calm when another dog bites your dog

When another dog bites your dog it is important to stay calm. Remember, the wounded dog needs your help. The calmer you are, the easier it will be to remove your dog from the situation and evaluate the injury. It is also important to be cautious. Even the sweetest, gentlest dog may lash out and bite when hurt and scared.

Evaluate the injury

Once your dog is out of immediate danger, evaluate their injury. Check carefully for puncture marks, scrapes, tears, bleeding, and difficulty breathing. It is important to understand that even tiny puncture wounds on the outside can indicate damage to the inside. There may be internal bleeding, nerve damage, or injuries to underlying soft tissues.

If possible, gather information from the other dog’s owner. Get their contact information, including their name, address, and phone number. Most important, ask if their dog is up to date on their rabies vaccine. In addition, if the bite occurred on someone else’s property, their homeowner’s insurance may take care of the medical costs.

Clean and address the injury immediately when another dog bites your dog

 Next, you will want to flush out the injury. This can be done by gently running water over it or flushing it with slightly soapy water. Another good solution is to use Curicyn Original Formula. Because Curicyn is a wound treatment, skincare product, and wash, it will clean the injury while addressing bacteria in the wound. It will also help reduce inflammation and promote rapid healing.

If the wound is bleeding, you can apply pressure with a clean cloth for several minutes to stop the blood flow. Applying ice wrapped in a clean cloth can also help decrease bleeding and help combat inflammation and discomfort. To help control minor bleeding, you can use Curicyn Blood Stop Powder. It works fast and is easy to apply.

Always seek immediate help if your dog is experiencing bleeding that cannot be stopped. In addition, if your pup is experiencing breathing difficulties, weakness, crying or whining, limping, pale or blue gums, take them to your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Even if you do not think the injury is bad, keep a close eye on your pup. Bite injuries can be deceiving. While external injuries may look small, internal injuries may have occurred. If there are any signs of a problem, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian.

In conclusion

If your dog needs immediate medical attention, the veterinarian will work to stop any bleeding. If necessary, they may sedate your pup to clean and suture the wound. Depending on the injury, the wound may be left open or be bandaged. Bandages must be kept clean, dry, and will need to be changed frequently. In some cases, your pup will need to wear a protective recovery collar to prevent them from scratching at their injury-causing further irritation and inflammation.

Finally, it is important to remember your dog has experienced a traumatic event and may be in pain or scared. In addition to the physical injuries, your dog may also experience behavioral problems. They may become fearful and hesitant to interact with other dogs. They may even become aggressive toward other dogs. Even the sweetest, calmest dog may behave in unexpected ways after another dog has bitten him. Be patient and gentle. And if the behavioral issues are serious enough, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

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