Signs of Pink Eye in Large Animals

Knowing the signs of a highly contagious infection like pink eye (conjunctivitis) can make all the difference to keeping your herd in optimal health. A pink eye outbreak can significantly decrease weight gain and milk production and result in loss of value in sale or show animals (in cases that result in disfiguration and/or blindness). Keeping a close watch for early indications of this painful bacterial infection during your regular herd checks is critical for timely action and containment.

Early signs of pink eye in animals may include:

  • Frequent blinking
  • Squinting
  • Excessive tearing
  • Watery eyes
  • Face rubbing
  • Apparent pain in direct sunlight
  • Obvious tear stains (especially in white-faced animals)

Additionally, the eye can become slightly cloudy and a small white spot (ulcer) will appear on the cornea. As the infection progresses, the ulcer begins to spread, and the eye becomes increasingly cloudy. Blood vessels grow across the cornea to stimulate healing, turning the eye pink and giving the infection its name. The ulcer can eventually spread across the entire cornea and to the inner eye, which fills with a pus-like substance. In advanced cases, the eye can rupture.

Pink eye infections are painful, and the ulceration causes temporary blindness. In addition to the symptoms listed above, you may notice animals that appear unwilling to move to locate food and water and seem to want to stay in shady areas, protected from sunlight.

Contact your veterinarian as soon as you recognize signs of pink eye in your herd. Early detection is the most effective and keeps long-term damage minimal.

Additionally, Curicyn’s Pink Eye Solution and Pink Eye Kit are good to have on hand and are effective as quickly as one to three days. Our Pink Eye Solution is a 100% non-toxic, easy-to-use product that only requires one application. The Pink Eye Kit is valuable for more serious cases and includes Pink Eye Solution and several eye patches with adhesive. The Pink Eye Kit is enough for several animals and will help to effectively address the infection at its source.

pinkeye cow large animal before and after

A pink eye outbreak can quickly wreak havoc on your herd. By recognizing the early signs of infection, you can get a head start on addressing the serious, costly and painful symptoms of pink eye.

PS: Curicyn’s Pink Eye Solution can also be used on cats and dogs too! Just be sure to follow up with your veterinarian if symptoms worsen!

Watch this video to see how it works.