3 Reasons French Bulldogs Love Curicyn

With their large bat ears and playful, clown-like personalities, it is hard not to fall in love with French Bulldogs. If you don’t believe me, ask any Frenchie owner. They will quickly whip out their phone, proceed to show you 100’s of pup pics, and talk endlessly about their Frenchie. According to American Kennel Club (n.d.), Frenchies are “one of the world’s most popular small-dog breeds, especially among city dwellers.” Furthermore, once you own one Frenchie, you will want to own more! Those compact muscular bodies, with large heads, big ears, and lots of wrinkles around their squishy, little noses are irresistible. Likewise, Curicyn can’t help but love French Bulldogs too. And Frenchie owners know Curicyn is the perfect product for their pups. Here are 3 reasons why…


3 Reasons to keep Curicyn on hand for your Frenchie

  1. Curicyn quickly clears up yeast infections in their cute bat ears.

Due to the shape of their heads, Frenchies have narrow ear canals. This creates a moist environment for bacteria and yeast to grow. If you suspect an infection, spraying those large bat ears with Curicyn Original Formula three times a day will help reduce inflammation and promote rapid healing.

2.  Curicyn is great for their adorable wrinkles and tail pocket.

Frenchie’s face and nose wrinkles, as well as their tail pocket, are prone to infection and can become red and irritated. It is important to clean these areas daily, especially if your pup’s skin is sensitive. A daily routine of spraying with Curicyn Original Formula helps address any bacteria at its source before infection can set in.

3.  Curicyn keeps their paw pads and nose soft and cuddly.

Frenchies’ paw pads and nose can get dry, cracked, and chapped. When this occurs, Curicyn Wound Care Clay is the perfect product to use. Apply a liberal amount to the infected area to create a protective barrier. This will promote healing and help reduce inflammation.

With Curicyn’s exceptional pricing, you have nothing to lose…so order some today! Don’t forget, we offer free shipping in the continental US!

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