Curicyn’s Pink Eye Solution for Livestock & Animals

Curicyn’s Pink Eye Solution for Livestock and Animals

Curicyn’s Pink Eye Solution is a gel-based product. It specifically addresses Pink Eye and its effects. The product is perfect for livestock, equine, goats, sheep, swine, companion pets, and more. In addition, it helps promote healing in 1-3 days, is easy to use, and is a single application.

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“I received my products yesterday and it’s already beginning to work today! I am sold! Thanks! I will be ordering more in the next couple of weeks. I’m a believer……IT WORKS!” Tom Coffee, Glenham, SD

“Thank you! This product worked on my cattle just like you said it would. It started working right away. The problem cleared up in just a few days. I have already told all of my rancher friends about it and let my supplier know they should be carrying it.” Eddie R Thomas SR. North Spoon Ranch, Commerce,  GA

“Pink Eye Gel solution is working great on our calves. It started working right away and gave them immediate relief and they are eating again. We have already placed our second order. My husband and I are extremely impressed and letting our vet know he should carry this product.” Julie Phrene, Phrene Ranch, Jerseyville, IL 

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Curicyn Pink Eye Solution

For more information, read Pink Eye in Cattle – A Personal Testimony or watch Curicyn Pink Eye Solution.

Pink Eye Solution is available in 3 sizes.