Pink Eye in Cattle – A Personal Testimony

Are you struggling with pink eye in cattle?Severe pink eye in Williams cow

It is October 2018, and Hurricane Michael is ripping through the Florida panhandle, as well as, parts of Alabama and Georgia. Instantly, the lives of Curtis and Phoebe Williams change. Immediately, they are facing the long, drawn-out process of repairing physical damages to their farm. Little do they know, in the near future they are going to experience a pink eye breakout in their cattle. Fortunately, Curicyn is there to help.

The Williams’ personal testimony…

Curtis and I would like to thank you for introducing us to your Curicyn products. As you know Seminole County, Georgia, where our farm is located, was devastated by hurricane Michael. We lost the roof from one of our barns and suffered other damage. We are just now getting back to normal. Another unforeseen consequence of hurricane Michael was the poor quality of hay that we have been forced to feed our cattle.

Curtis is certain that the amount of rain and moisture, our pastures and the surrounding area have experienced, has played a part in the sudden outbreak of pink eye in our cattle. While we aren’t sure of the exact cause of pink eye in our herd, we know that the hay we have been feeding is part of the problem. We are certain that without the use of your Curicyn Pink Eye treatment our problems would have been far worse. We are thankful for your willingness to come out and help us treat our herd and follow up with us after the initial treatment. Rest assured that we will continue to use Curicyn and recommend it to all our neighbors.

Phoebe Williams, Seminole County, GA

At the present time…

Cow treated with Curicyn Pink Eye KitIn short, the Williams’ herd is back on track. The pink eye outbreak is under control. As a matter of fact, the Williams’ are due credit because they keep a close eye on their herd. They know the symptoms of pink eye in cattle. Excessive blinking, conjunctivitis, weight loss, and blindness are at the top of the list. In addition, the Williams understand pink eye in cattle is difficult to isolate, treat and control. They testify to the fact that  Curicyn’s Pink Eye Solution is aggressive, non-toxic, and quick to work. You can expect results in 1-3 days. To add to that, it is easy to apply. Finally, Curicyn Pink Eye Solution comes with a money back guarantee! Pick up Curicyn’s Pink Eye Solution or Curicyn’s Pink Eye Kit, which contains 5 applications. Furthermore, bulk quantities of Curicyn’s Pink Eye Solution are available upon request. Contact our main office at (800) 467-0547 or email

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