Safe, effective, and affordable.

Veterinarians love Curicyn

In launching Curicyn, a primary focus was ensuring that our products would meet the high standards of practicing veterinarians.  We built a team of respected veterinarians, equine specialists, and efficacy experts across the USA to test and refine our formula until we honed in on the effective, proven, and trusted blend that we use today.

The results that veterinarians have seen on the animals they care for are remarkable.


For wounds, burns, and other skin-related issues, Curicyn has demonstrated an exceptional ability to accelerate the healing process and help animals return to their normal lives. And, since four of the ten most common issues for animals visiting primary care veterinary practices are skin-related, Curicyn is a great product to have in your treatment arsenal. Our products can also be used to treat pink eye, rain rot, fungus, saddles sores, scratches, lacerations, rashes, and more. Our formulas are all easy-to-use, non-toxic, and safe for use on all animals.

Curicyn is of course, not a cure-all, nor is it meant to replace the expertise your training provides your clients and their animals. Serious wounds and skin disorders require greater expertise, prescription-level medications, and/or assistance by a specialist. But when an ailment can be treated with Curicyn, it’s the solution you’ll want by your side.

For veterinary practices, Curicyn is incredibly cost-effective as well.  We handle all product distribution ourselves to keep your costs down and your margins high.  As a result, Curicyn is an inexpensive skin and wound care solution to stock at your practice, use on your patients, and have available to sell alongside your other retail, OTC products.