Livestock Pink Eye problems…Curicyn can help

Before picture of pink eye in right eye

Before Curicyn Pinkeye Solution

Livestock Pink Eye problems can wreak havoc for ranchers. Take it from Mark Tolley, a rancher/backgrounder, who lives in the Darden, Tennessee area. He and his father, Marty, operate Tolley Farms. The heifer in this picture came in a large group of cattle the Tolleys purchased. When she arrived, she had pink eye in both eyes. The left eye had already ruptured. The heifer was completely blind and very close to being shipped to a local slaughterhouse at a big loss.

After the Curicyn Livestock Pink Eye Solution treatment

By using Curicyn Livestock Pink Eye Solution, Mark saved the heifer’s right eye and the animal has now regained sight in it. By keeping this animal in the herd until it can be shipped to the feedlot, the Tolleys estimate saving somewhere between $500 to $900. Mark firmly believes, if you have a livestock pink eye problem, you need Curicyn Livestock Pink Eye Solution.

pink eye in right eye of steer after treatment

After Curicyn Pink Eye Solution

Curicyn Livestock Pink Eye Solution is easy to use and non-invasive. It helps promote rapid healing in 1-3 days. Use it on livestock, equine, goats, sheep, swine, companion pets, and more.

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