Beginner horse riding tips from Champions…

Are you thinking about riding a horse for the first time? If you’re feeling nervous or frightened don’t feel bad. It’s only natural. After all, you are about to get on a large animal that is much bigger than you are. To help make your first experience a good one, we’ve talked to the experts and trained professionals. Here are 12 beginner horse riding tips from them.

Tip #1

The first tip comes from Trevor Nowlin, the Turquoise Circuit Rookie of the Year 2018. Trevor is currently a member of the University of Arizona Rodeo Team.

“Take it step by step and never get into a big hurry.”

Tip #2

Nick LaDuke provides the second tip. He is a PRCA Champion Saddle Bronc Rider, horse trainer, and rehabilitator. Currently, he is ranked in the top 40 in the world.

“Walk before you trot, trot before you canter, and devote yourself to a routine that makes sense for your horse first and you second. Your own balance, mental and physical will be a major deciding factor on whether your horse will appreciate you over the long haul.”

Tip #3

Next tip is from Cutter Frisch. Cutter is 14 years old and holds numerous Rodeo All-Around Championship titles. In addition, Cutter is the Sportsmanship Award winner from the Queen Creek Junior Rodeo Association for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons.

“Take your time, listen to your instructor, be positive & confident. If you get nervous the horse can feel it too.”

Tip #4

This tip is from Ryan Pratt, a team roping heeler. At any given time, you can find Ryan competing at PRCA rodeos, IPRA rodeos, and USTRC team roping events. In addition, Ryan teaches roping schools and trains horses.

“When I am helping my beginner or novice student with riding, the first thing I try to get them to learn is to relax their body and put weight in the stirrups.  This way the knees can be used as shock absorbers and take the bounce away from the body for a smoother ride.”

Tip #5

Wyatt Kraft is a 14-year-old bull riding champion. He is a member of the Arizona Jr. High Rodeo Team and competed the last 2 years in Las Vegas at the Jr. National Finals Rodeo.

“If you fall, get back up. Never give up.”  

Tip #6

This tip comes from Grant Lindaman, of G2 Performance Horses. Grant is the Working Cowhorse/Reining/Cutting Champion and the 2016 IRCHA/NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Champion. In addition, he holds numerous NRCHA titles.

“Find the best person in the discipline you are interested in. Learn as much as you can from them for long as you can…”

Tip #7

Travis Lyons is an Equine Dental Technician, Farrier, and team roper. He is the 2017 Arizona Horsemen’s Challenge Champion and the 2018 Arizona Horsemen’s Challenge of Champions Champion. Travis suggests the following tip for beginning horse riders.

“Have confidence when handling and riding horses, even if you are a little unsure of things. The more relaxed you are, the smoother your relationship or bond can be with your horse. I often tell clients to ride like they are a kid again. If you are thinking about or worrying about something happening, then your actions tend to cause that very thing to happen. Relax, ride good horses, and have fun.”

Tip #8

The next tip comes from Trey BlackmoreTrey is a PRCA Team Roping Header and manager of Blackmore Ranch. He is the 2017 Turquoise Circuit Rookie of the Year.

“I feel it’s best to keep most of your weight in your stirrups and not so much sitting on the seat of your saddle. It makes a big difference. You will not bounce around as much, especially once you get faster than a walk.”

Tip #9

Denton Petersen rodeos for the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. He is a PRCA Steer Wrestler and Team Roping Champion, as well as the 2017 NHSFR World Champion for Team Roping. Here is what Denton has to say.

“If I were to give a tip, I would say that you’re riding with the horse. Not just on top of its back. You have to learn how to move with the stride of the horse or else you’re just a lump on its back bouncing up and down. And soft hands. That’s the biggest and most important thing in my opinion. Soft hands make a good horse!”

Tip #10

Rockwell Kepler is a Team Roper from Surprise, AZ. While in school Rockwell was an active member of the Arizona High School Rodeo Association. He currently works on the Kepler ranch and holds numerous Rodeo Championship titles.

“A beginner horse rider should try to learn something new about riding or horses every day.”

Tip #11

This tip comes from Benjamin Balow. Benjamin is 16 years old and is a member of the Arizona High School Rodeo Team. He competes throughout the year at numerous ropings, NTR, USTRC, and WSTR events. Benjamin has competed at the High School National Finals and holds many championship titles including the AZ Reining Horse Association Short Stirrup Year-End Championship, the 2017 National Reining Title for IEA in OKC, and the 2017 All-Around Cowboy Championship, 16 and under, at AZ Cowpunchers Reunion Rodeo.

” You are about to embark on the greatest and hardest journey of your life. There are no short cuts to becoming a great rider. You must learn to enjoy the process. Celebrate your accomplishments, however big or small. Gain knowledge from your setbacks, occasionally look back and reflect on how far you have come, and then wake up the next day and strive to be better. On a more practical note, find a great trainer. And let the trainer help you find your first horse. The first horse is so important to people having success as a rider. For me, the skill of horseback riding has been, is, and always will be the greatest adventure of my life.”

Tip #12

Teen, John Hisel, is a member of the New Mexico Junior Rodeo Association. He is State Champion Team Roper and has competed in the Junior NFR, and the International Finals Youth Rodeo. Hisel gives this tip.

“Take it slow and try not to rush things. Learn how to do it the right way instead of a way that just gets you by.”

Bonus Tip

The final tip is from Jody Swink, of No Sweat Natural Horsemanship. Jody has the reputation of being the top horseman in Arizona. And when it comes to training, he is considered one of the best.

“Be aware of your hands and always work on getting your hands slow and light.”

In conclusion, these beginner horse riding tips are from the best of the best! If you apply what they have shared, your first riding experience should be a good one. For more information check out Curicyn Endorsers.

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