Why Are My Dog’s Eyes So Irritated?

The eyes are the windows to the soul. If you’ve spent time gazing into your pet’s eyes, you know this to be true. So, of course, we want to keep our pet’s eyes as healthy as possible. Your dog’s eyes can become irritated for various reasons, from allergies to a foreign object in the eye to infection. None of these scenarios are comfortable for your dog, and any of them can cause redness, inflammation, dryness, and other health concerns.

Here are some reasons your dog’s eyes might be irritated and what you can do to prevent eye irritation and discomfort in your dog.

Causes of Eye Irritation in Dogs

Allergies – Allergies are common in dogs, and environmental triggers such as pollen, dust, mold, grasses, and other irritants can make your dog’s eyes red, watery, and itchy. Your dog’s eyes may also become irritated due to an allergen in their food, household cleaning products, perfume or fragrance, or cigarette smoke.

Eye Trauma or Injury –  Any time your dog has an injury to their eye, you can expect eye irritation from mild to quite severe. Sometimes a piece of hair or grass seed can irritate the eye’s surface, causing redness and irritation. There could also be an abrasion or scratch on your dog’s eye that is hard to detect and could be causing inflammation of the eye. These conditions require careful monitoring, and you should seek veterinary care if you believe your pet has sustained an eye injury.

Conjunctivitis/Pink Eye – Inflammation of the lining of the eye can cause your pet’s eyes to look red and irritated and cause them to squint. Also called pink eye, conjunctivitis is relatively common in people and dogs and usually affects only one eye at a time. This infection can be caused by environmental triggers, viruses, or bacteria.

Dry Eye – Also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca or KCS, dry eye is common in dogs. The tear duct doesn’t function normally to produce natural tears adequately, and irritation is the result. In addition, dry eye in dogs may result from immune-mediated or another systemic disease.

How to Help Your Dog’s Irritated Eyes

If your dog’s eyes are irritated, start rinsing them with Curicyn Eye Care Solution. Our soothing formula rinses environmental irritants such as pollen or dust away. Apply the solution daily to reduce inflammation associated with conjunctivitis and dry eye and speed up the healing process. Our gentle solution comes in a dropper bottle for easy application and won’t burn or sting your dog’s eyes. Regular use can prevent bacteria, foreign objects, and viruses from irritating your dog’s eyes.

If pink eye is the main culprit, reach for Curicyn Pink Eye Solution. Specially formulated to soothe and accelerate healing in animals struggling with conjunctivitis, our non-toxic, gel-based solution can help clear up symptoms with just one application.

A cool compress on your dog’s eyes can also be very soothing. A cold, wet washcloth is often the simplest way to calm red, itchy eyes. Apply gently to your dog’s eyes to help ease irritation and provide cooling relief. If your pet can’t seem to stop scratching or rubbing their eyes, try using an e-collar until irritation and itch can be brought under control.

Even minor eye problems can progress to more painful conditions or vision loss if not addressed.* Luckily, Curicyn Eye Care Solution can help prevent eye irritation in your dog, help ease red and itchy eyes, and help aid healing from any problems resulting from eye irritation. Curicyn is your partner in keeping your pet’s eyes healthy.

*Seek veterinary care in severe cases