The Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials

The Meeker Classic is considered one of the toughest sheepdog competitions in the world. It takes place during the month of September in the small mountain town of Meeker, Colorado. This year 170 Border Collies and their handlers will participate in the 6-day competition. It begins September 3rd and last through September 8th. Without a doubt, watching the teams handle the tough Meeker sheep will not disappoint. Furthermore, the whole family will enjoy it.

What to expect 

The competition is based on the herding ability of the dogs. You will not see the dogs barking or nipping at the sheep anytime during the competition. Instead, the dogs use quick, smooth movements to gather and direct the sheep through 6 obstacles. As each dog goes through the course, their handler uses whistles or word commands to guide them. While each team is timed, they are not scored on their time. They are scored on each obstacle individually.

The competition begins with 4 days of preliminary runs. Each team gets one run. Next, the top 30 teams advance to the semi-final competition. Lastly, the top 12 head to the finals on the last day. In addition to the competition, many other activities and events are scheduled, including an art contest and show, a free outdoor concert, agility & flyball demos, and the Jammin’ Lamb Festival.

Meeker, Colorado

Meeker, Colorado is a small ranching town located in the White River Valley of northwest Colorado. The historical downtown has quaint small-town boutiques, art shops and Museums. The Flat Tops Trail Scenic Byway that connects Meeker to Yampa is a tourist favorite. However, if you plan to take the drive, pack a picnic lunch and be sure to gas up before you leave. You will not find a restaurant or a gas station on the 82-mile Scenic Byway. If you want to stop, there are places for biking, camping, and fishing. Trapper’s Lake is also just off the Byway and a favorite spot of the locals.

In conclusion

Make plans this year to join the Meeker community in celebrating one of Colorado’s premier events. This competition is a great time for those familiar with sheepdogs and for those who are not. And there is no limit to the fun you will have. The Curicyn Team has added it to our calendar as a yearly must-attend event. If you go, be sure to cheer on Curicyn Endorser Derek Fisher, the 2018 Meeker Classic Champion. Also stop by our booth, say hello, and check out all our animal wound care products.

For more information on this Meeker event watch this PBS video.

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