How to Wean Puppies

Your pup has six cute, adorable, bundles of fur. At feeding time, they quickly turn into piranhas. Mama is becoming impatient. You know her milk is providing the essential nutrients the pups need to grow and develop. Nonetheless, it is time to wean puppies. So how do you go about it? Here are a few tips to help you out.

When do I wean puppies?

By four weeks, pups are not able to get all the calories they need from mama’s milk. So, weaning generally begins between the age of three to four weeks. It should be a gradual process that takes place over several weeks.

 What do I feed puppies?

Most vets recommend a high-quality puppy food, moistened with warm water to create a semi-liquid mixture. Of course, the amount of food will depend on the number of puppies and their size. A good rule of thumb is to start with approximately 10% of the puppies daily caloric intake (Elliott, 2019). If in doubt, check with your vet.

 How do I wean puppies?

The easiest way is to place the moistened food in a shallow pan like a cookie sheet. Place the pups at the edge of the pan. In the beginning, you may need to gently push the pup’s chin into the food. With that said, most pups will begin to lick up the moisture right away. Also, have fresh water available. Over the next few weeks, gradually decrease the nursing time with mama. By seven to eight weeks your puppies should be eating dry puppy food and drinking water.

 What about mama?

Gradually weaning puppies is as important for the pups as it is for mama. It allows mama’s milk supply to slowly dry up. If done quickly, she can overproduce milk. This can lead to painful, engorged mammary glands (weaning puppies, 2009). In addition, mama’s food intake needs to gradually decrease as the puppies began to eat on their own. You will also want to slowly replace her puppy food diet with her regular adult dog food.

During the weaning process, it is essential to keep an eye on mama and the pups. Watch mama for problems with her glands. Also, keep an eye on her food intake as it needs to adjust as the puppies wean. Make sure all the pups are gaining weight and not having problems digesting the food. If any problems arise such as vomiting or diarrhea, contact your vet right away.

Finally, be patient. While some pups are quick to wean, others take their time. It’s a process and most pups have no problem quickly adjusting to the new routine. You may also want to have Curicyn’s Original Formula on hand. It is good for irritated nipples due to nursing. The best part, Curicyn’s prices are exceptional. Pick up a bottle of Curicyn’s Original Formula at your local Curicyn retailer or order online and get free shipping in the continental US.

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